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Ceramic  Pall  Ring

     Ceramic pall rings are originated  through improvement of raschig ring. Their open structures effectuate  separation of gas  and liquid streams and  thus facilitate a more effective mass  transfer. And decrease the pressure  drop. AceChemPack is the top leading manufacturer, supplier, exporter for ceramic pall ring column packing.

Specification of ceramic pall ring:

Specifications (mm) D*H*δ  (mm) Specific surface area (m2/m3) Void volume (m2/m3) Bulk number    (n/m3) Bulk density     (kg/m3) Dry packing  (factor m-1)
Φ25 1" 25*25*3 220 0.75 50000 600 565
Φ38 1.5" 38*38*4 150 0.78 13400 540 356
Φ50 2" 50*50*5 120 0.78 6400 555 252
Φ80 3" 80*80*8 75 0.80 1950 520 146

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